Jumaat, 30 Julai 2010

Congrats! Welcome to a new phase of life bro...

Today, 30th of July 2010, my lil' bro (Hafiz) has finished his 3 months course in PULAPOL. Congrats my dearest bro! U've done great & gonna beared an honoured job for da counrty now on! Hopefully this would be a step further for u to build up ur life & eased our beloved mum (make her smile bro!).

I am so sorry for not accompany u on ur historical day! { '__' } U know why rite? Tonite i have my way to back home as well. Got another issue to settle down. Remember?? FYI rite now, im waiting for ur pic :) Make it hurry bro! Can't wait to see u in ur uniform :))

About ur last interview for post KX 27, juz let it gone! Maybe da job is not suit for u. Well, im proud of u evenmore, I'll pray for ur best! Juz tyr to love ur new job & do ur best! Don't mind wat other people said, juz put ur life at ease. Believe me! Then u'll be da most graceful person. :))

After all, I juz wanna wish u a BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATION!!!!

Khamis, 29 Julai 2010

Missed my carve!

Salam semua... Rasernya dh lama sangat2 aku x appear to update my blog. Have no time dear! But today, i am proudly having my after office hours moment to make a lil bit changes on my blog. Adesss! What to say ya? Got lotttzzz of story in my head to spread out here! But i've to synchronize its first line by line. Story by story!

Now i am sumbody wife! So dat title d sid changed my routine a lotz. Unfortunately, i am a vkend wife only. :(( Pitty me! What to do? Me stayed far to da north whilst my hubby remain working at da east! Life must goes on at any cost!

Life after married is great! Got lot of things to learn! Sharpen my cooking skill (Gosh, terrible me!). Being more hardworking in term of housewife routine (Again, i have to wash more clothes!hahaha...) Besela hidup bujang dolu2 aku ni malas yg amat! Simpan bju utk stock 1 mggu then baru basuh. Hahaha... But after all, i enjoyed to do those thing! Coz i deserve to do so! My hubby & my marriage are my priority now! =)) I am a gud wife guys, u know dat rite? =)

From now on, my only wish is to be by his side all day long & every 'tick tock' in every second! Korang doa2 kan la aku sama ek? Moga2 dipermudahkan urusan & permohonan aku utk bertukar ke cawangan yg lbh dekat dgn suami. Distance relationship is so challenging in term of external & internal spirit. Penat badan woooo! Besides cost a lot, dat's for sure la! Hahaha... So korang klu sayang aku, plzz pray for my luck! ;-)