Isnin, 12 Disember 2011

Terima kasih Tuhan!

Mmmm... Tengok tajuk kat atas tu cam pelik je kan? Buang tabiat ke ape tiba2 je tajuk post kali ni 'Terima kasih Tuhan'... Xde ape yang pelik rasanya! Juz sharing my point of view regarding this topic.

As an ordinary people, we make mistake! Maybe sometimes we do realize but somehow we never do till we caught into trouble! (As i spoke from my own experiences) Nobody perfect in dis world except da Creator. We all knew da fact! But we could try to be as perfect as we could. In and out, we ourselves who decided what will happened tomorrow.

Mistake?? I did lotzz of mistakes before! Yess... I did!! But now I do realized my misbehaved! And I am absolutely sure we all did! Till da moment I wrote dis, I believed we still did... No matter who we are, no matter where we were, no matter what we did we still an ordinary people who are always vulnerable to make mistakes. So dun judge people by considering only da bad things they did! Give 'em space...broad ur mind or must I say broadest! Looking for both side!

Anyhow... We do love to judge and punish people! And we always forget to look down to da ground, back to da root... Muhasabah diri! Get closed to da Creator! I'm juz referring me myself. To make it short, within 24 hours a day I juz spent 5 minutes for 5 times a day to my Creator! Roughly less than half an hour a day I spent my time to talk to da God! Otherwise, another 23 hours 35 min juz passed by! Life goes on without any regrets... I moved on and never felt guilty for the loss time dat I'll never get back!! Till....

God tested me & trapped me into a trouble I've made before! Then I realized, He wants me to wake up... He gripped me before I get drown! Coz I knew He loves me more than anyone does! He wants me to get closed to Him... He wants me to ask for helps... He wants me to raise my hands for Doa' and lowered my forehead to seek for da strength He kept for me! And now I do realized! Only Him could helps me! Get closed to Him is da only way to survive! And I knew dat da moment I get far away from Him, He gimme' a sign to turn back! I'm lost in my own world, I forget to thanked Him for all the blessedness He gave! I'll raised my hands only when I got into trouble! I talked to Him only when I've sumthin to ask Him for! I forgot Him most of da time! I took Him for granted!


My Hub's New Excitement....

My last vkend was packed! Hubs' & me were wondering around New Castle City, window shopping @ electrical stores looking for certain basic furnishes for our brand new home! Cuci2 mata gittu kan? Ahaks... Hubs' curiously excited to flick through every items we've crossed over! Gosh him... (In any way, it's seems like he wished to grab everything we saw!hahaha... Pitty him coz we got to spend within da budget [small budget eksheli]!ha3...).

After 1 year plus we're leaving seperately, now it's time for us to set up our own life together-gether! Hoooyeaaahhh...!! (Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan & mendapat keberkatan dari-Nya). Well... First of all, there's alotzzzzzz of things to settle down. As I am da most and da only feberet wife my hub ever ever had, he's willing to buy all those basic items for me! TQ sayang... U ease my duty from now on! :)

Wellzz... yesterday we (he act.) grabbed our 1st baby for our brand new home! Ahaks... Juz an ordinary LED TV 32" (the only hubs' 'dream comes true thing' from da day we've started surveying those stuffs!) I dun't know what's matter wif him, he juz kept tellin' me how wonderful if he could afford to have da LED stuff....Urrgghh... I thought it's all about guys' stuff rite? Sampai terbawak dalam mimpi agaknye! Sian... Then, yesterday he called me & said "We've LED TV now!" hahaha... At the moment, I juz laughed! Sayang2~~ Papepun leh la aku tumpang sama nengok LED tu...wakakaka... So for dat part we're done!

And u know what guys, after work and as I reach home yesterday... He already turn on da LED sambil godek2 color and channel setting... (Temporary function je sbb kitorang tumpang umah sis in law skunk ni). See... dat's how excited he was! Sweet of him... :) So malam tadi we're lepaking & watching movie together-gether thru our new LED TV... Ahaks... (Lupe nak snap pix of our 1st baby...hehe... Maybe later on!).

So next plan is to grab washing machine & refrigerator! OMG... These are absolutely about gurly stuff! It's my turn to feel the excitement! Muahahahaha~~ So hubs' we've another 2 weeks to go before we move in our brand new home! Hoooyeeeeahhh... Chaiyok!!!

Rabu, 7 Disember 2011

Congrats babe!

Salam semua...Today there's nuthin much to write in here! Early mownink my dearest friend, Dini, text me sayin dat she's admitted in hospital and was ready to deliver! Waaahhh... At last da time has come! Her new born baby will coming out soon! Hopefully everything gonna be juz fine.

Then at 4.30 pm she text me again, said dat she has delivered a new born baby boy at 1.50pm excellently (cam jawab preksa plop aku ni excellent bagai...Aahhh...wateva!). Alhamdulillah! Everything juz be perfect. Praise to God! I'am happy for her... Bertambah sorang lg umat Islam kat dunia ni dan aku doakan semoga baby dia akan jd anak yang soleh!

So dat's how her life goes... ( yang aku malas ni!Biler masuk bab ni mula la aku nk emo...ish3...). She juz did her part and what about me?? How's my life goes?? I dun know... Sampai arini rezki tu masih belum untuk aku... Then what shud i do? Ikhtiar, usaha & doa! Moga-moga suatu ari nanti rezki tu milik aku juga. Amin!

So babe (Dini), plz pray for me to be next top mummy! Hehehe....

Ahad, 4 Disember 2011

Kau Yang Maha Mengetahui...

Tuhan... Andai masih ada ruang untukku, aku pohon padaMu di atas kebaikan yang pernah aku lakukan sebelum ini, maka Kau peliharailah hati2 kami... Kau satukanlah jiwa2 kami! Aku mohon keredhaan mu Tuhan! Hanya Engkau tempat aku mengadu... Aku yakin setiap musibah yang Kau timpakan ke atas hambaMu pasti akan ada pengakhiran yang terbaik kelak. Aku yakin dengan janjiMu Tuhan!

Ya Allah... Aku adalah hambaMu yang hina, aku pohon kemurahanMu, kasih sayangMu dan zatMu untuk aku meneruskan perjalanan ini! Aku pohon kesudahan yang terbaik buat kami! Aku pohon jalanMu yang lurus... Aku pohon ruang untuk aku bertaubat dan Kau terimalah Ya Allah! Kau makbulkanlah Ya Allah... Kau perkenankanlah doa hambaMu yang penuh dosa ini!

Thanx for those I called 'friends'...

I wasn't in da mood today! Soo many things happened within 2 days... Felt like my whole soul has been pinch harshly! I've been hurt so bad by people who I called 'friends' but I do believe someone that I love da most who's trully gettin hurt coz of this! I can't stand to see his face coz I've hurt him soo bad! I knew I've made a big mistake before but who the hell those people I callled 'friends' to interfere this far. Mind ur own bisness!! All I need is space... I knew I've done wrong before, is there any chances for me to make a change??! What I need is space... Now he got hurt so bad...!! I knew u can put da blames on me coz I'am da one who's responsible on what I've done but dis is all about my life my family... I knew I shud accept all dis punishment! But who's da hell those people to interfere! I dun know what will happened next! I do love our relationship! I love him wif all my heart! However I've hurt him sooo bad!! I dun know what else to say!Perhaps... there's a way for us to survive! Hope dat he could forgive me! Perhaps... Time will heal da wound I've made! But for those who I called 'friends' I would like to say thanks for doing this kind of charity to me! Thanks for givin me no chance to make it rite... Thanks for ur kindness... Thanks for all those infos u've told to him.... Thanx alotz...

Tuhan... Kau Maha Mengetahui dan Kau jualah yang Maha Pengampun...Peliharalah kasih sayang kami sesungguhnya aku memerlukan ruang untuk berubah! Ampunkan aku Ya Allah! Kau Maha Mengetahui apa yang ada di dalam hatiku! Sungguh aku hamba-Mu yang lemah lagi lalai... Ampunkan aku!